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Business Association
UNI-CERT is looking for Business associates (Personnel or Company) in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore...


Management System Certification

UNI-CERT is looking for Business associates (Personnel or Company) in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Oman, Kuwait, Spain, Romania, Algeria, Russia, Nederland, Bulgaria, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, El-Salvador, etc.
The business associates will be competent to handle certification activity in their company. Interested personnel/ Companies are requested to send email at info@ucservices.co.in

The following is the operation procedure:
1. You will send us auditor details as per our auditor registration format.
2. We will approve the auditor and allocate them codes
3. You will send us client application along with required documents (we will send you the list of document required for application) mentioning the name of the auditor and the proposed audit date.
4. We will issue work order mentioning the audit manday.
5. You will conduct the audit as per the work order
6. you will submit us the report
7. CB will review the report and if its found adequate issue certificate.
8. We will send you soft copy certificate.

Impartiality Policy

UNI-CERT is committed to ensure that the all Management system Certification activities are undertaken in an impartial...

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Our Recognization

UNI-CERT is associated with LMS CERTIFICATIONS PVT. LTD. for providing IAS and DAC.....

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Management System Certification

ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification.....

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Third Party Inspection

We offer comprehensive third party assessment, inspection and quality assurance services including Factory Audits .......

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